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Leverage FabriXAPI to manage your API project collaborations.

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Manage APIs with Flexible Options

FabriXAPI provides you with a wide range of flexible options to effectively manage your APIs.

* OpenAPIHub is now rebranded as FabriXAPI, offering a more comprehensive API Store as a service.

Choose API Portal Setting

You can set your API Portal public, or password-protected. Just choose the best setting that suits your needs. Even if you decide to keep your portal protected from the public, you can invite your internal developers or partner developers access to the portal via email invitation.

Choose API Portal Setting

Define API Access Rights

Once your API Portal is set, you can define the API collections and their access right. An API can be set public or unlisted from your API collections to fit your project needs.

Define API Access Rights

Manage API Subscriptions

For each API collection, you can define multiple API subscriptions for your users, including the API usage quota, the soft/hard limit setting or even the price for monetization. And your APIs are all set to share to different developers now!

Manage API Subscriptions
New Themes Available

Style Up Your Portal

Make your API Portals stand out with our new themes.

What are Public API, Private API, and Partner API?

Public APIs are those that are open to the public; Private APIs are meant for used by the company that created them; while Partner APIs are shared between two companies. Each type of API serves a different purpose and has different benefits and drawbacks.

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Want to Unlock More API Portal Features?

FabriXAPI is a managed cloud API platform helping companies to build API Projects with ease. As a registered FabriXAPI member, you will be able to enjoy more features and customize your API Developer Portal.

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Portal Access Control

Built-in API Portal Access Control for Private, Partner or Public APIs

API Product Management

Manage your API Collections with flexible options

API Subscription Management

Pre-built API Subscription Management for Quality of Services (QoS)

API Partner Management

Leverage the built-in Partner API management features to invite specific partner developer to consume your partner APIs

API Monetization

Monetize your partner or public APIs with built-in API monetization features

Administrative CI/CD Pipeline

APIOps integration GitHub/Gitlab via CI/CD Pipeline

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