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FabriXAPI, the newly re-branded version of the OpenAPIHub API Hub & Portal Platform, is here to revolutionize your API business. Discover the immense potential of FabriXAPI and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities for your organization.

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Branded API Portal

Create your very own customized API Portal effortlessly with just a few clicks, while enjoying the flexibility to configure it in real time.

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Showcase It

API Product Management

Effortlessly launch and showcase your APIs on your branded API Portal. Customize access rights, pricing plans, subscriptions and more to meet your specific needs.

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Sell It

API Monetization

FabriXAPI offers comprehensive API monetization features right out of the box, empowering you to effectively monetize your APIs and generate revenue.

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Manage It

Subscription Management

With FabriXAPI, you have the power to take control of the subscription process, approve API subscriptions, and terminate or stop renewals. It empowers you to effectively manage the lifecycle of your subscriptions.

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Maintain It

Developer Management

Obtain valuable user insights by accessing information about registered API users on your portal. With the added feature of sending announcements, you can efficiently communicate updates to all or specific subscriber groups.

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The All-in-one API Portal You Will Love

Uncover more powerful features of the FabriXAPI Portal.

API Developer Onboarding

Efficient and streamlined self-serving onboarding process for API developers to use your APIs.

API Subscription Management

Pre-built API Subscription Management for Quality of Services (QoS).

Portal Metrics at Your Fingertips

Access comprehensive Portal metrics instantly for informed decision-making and optimization.

Analyze API Usage

Gain insights into API usage patterns for informed decision-making.

API Docs Management

Enable interactive API Document with try it out features for a better developer experience (DX).

API Key Management

Efficiently handle and secure API keys for seamless integration management.

API Rate Control

Ensure optimal performance and protect APIs with flexible rate control.

✨ New Feature

Connect Your APIs to the World

Looking to maximize the exposure of your APIs? Now you can showcase your APIs on OpenAPIHub, a public API Directory that connects you with over 15,000+ API users worldwide, all at no cost. As the top API Directory in APAC, OpenAPIHub offers you an excellent opportunity to increase visibility for your APIs and API Portal, reaching a wider audience and gaining valuable exposure.

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Enterprise Level Trust & API Security

FabriXAPI is an award-winning SaaS API platform trusted by hundreds of API providers in different scales and sectors.

ISO 27001:2013 Certified

AWS Qualified Software

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Whether you're an individual, startup or a large organization, FabriXAPI has a plan to help you grow.

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